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  • Booming Buffalo

    This is for all the mushroom lovers, it’s a juicy beef patty burger with baked mushroom sauce

  • Caught & Grilled

    Grilled chicken fillet with our own all time favorite salsa sauce & iceberg

  • Caught in the Deep

    Fried mixed chicken and beef burger with jalapeno sauce, cheedar on a freshly black baked bun

  • Chubby Cow

    The old school beef burger with BBQ, mustard sauce, fresh onions, gherkins, iceberg & tomatoes

  • Flery chic

    Grilled chicken fillet with our in house prepared jalapeno sauce & jalapenos

  • Mad Ox

    New addition to the beef range, juicy beef burger with sriracha sauce, fried onions rings & iceberg

  • Raging Bull

    Juicy jalapeno beef burger with jalapeno sauce, onions, iceberg & tomatoes

  • Red Alert

    Grilled chicken fillet with a rare combination of red chili sauce & white sauce juste to make you red & alert

  • Super League

    Our specially marinated juicy chicken chunks with glazes onion, mushroom & cheese

  • Veggie

    Crispy tofu breast strips with a Mexican salsa sauce, pepper jack cheese and red onions


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